Lead Your Life: Escape from Cubicle Nation

Pam Slim is the author of the blog and newly published book, "Escape from Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur." The title alone is so provocative. If you have ever worked in a big corporation, either you, or co-workers you knew, probably experienced wanting to escape at some point or other.peering-above-cube In the spirit of the Lead Your Business, Lead Your Life blog we are writing about this book because it is very empowering. And it's an important read and guidebook, not just for those who dream of escaping and branching out on their own in business. It's also an important read for business owners, both new and advanced. Here's why:

If you recently started a business, or your business is in a young, growing, perhaps even awkward stage, this book has great, tactical information for you. You'll want to review it to see if there are any areas of planning you may have missed or now find you need help with. You will likely find insights.

If you own a business that has been around for awhile and you have employees you also have a culture. Even if your business is not particularly large there are definitely cultural "norms." Just the first chapter of this book is a powerful reminder about elements and dynamics that don't work in organizational cultures. This chapter features a reprint of a powerful "Open cube-guy4Letter" to corporate leaders that vents the frustration that can be felt by employees about so many facets of business life. If you read the book using the lens of insight into, and a reminder of, what it can be like to be an employee - the challenges, and the daydreams -  it could be a very valuable read. Of course, not all employees are frustrated and many are happy to be working for others. But, if you are a business owner or top executive, this book can be a powerful reminder of the challenges of working for someone else, and the fierce desire employees can have for more creativity, autonomy and input. It may spark you to side-step or prevent traps that are just waiting to make your dream business into a living Dilbert cartoon.

Curious? Download the first chapter of the book for free here, or better yet, grab a copy. Pam's writing is extremely readable and she has a lot to offer on her blog and in this book.