Dwight Frindt is also a Group Chair, (Facilitator), for Vistage International. Since 1957, business leaders have utilized Vistage’s one-on-one executive coaching; access to a local, trusted peer group; and a worldwide network of progressive chief executives to accelerate their own growth, as well as the growth of their companies. There are currently 20,000+ members in 15 countries and in 200+ cities across the United States making Vistage the leading CEO membership organization in the world.

Dwight has facilitated groups of CEOs and senior executives for Vistage International since 1994 and has served as a Best Practice Chair since 2009. He has received 12 Chair Excellence Awards and two Master Chair Awards. (Less than 10% of Vistage Chairs earn the prestigious "Master" designation.) In 2009, Dwight became a Best Practice Chair and began mentoring the 12 Chairs in the Southern Orange County Area. In 2010 he added the role of Best Practice Chair for the Pacific Northwest and is now the BPC for the Greater Pacific Northwest and Puget Sound. In 2011 he recognized for being the best Best Practice Chair in the Western Division.

One Chair each year, out of nearly 600 in the US, who most exemplifies the standards and ideals represented by longtime successful Chair Don Cope and codified in Vistage's Vision, Mission and Values receives the Cope Award and Dwight was the recipient in 2017.

Dwight was also a featured author for Vistage International’s Executive Street blog for several years and his posts are available by clicking here.

Currently, Dwight chairs 2 CEO Groups and 1 Key Executive Group in Orange County, California and a Key Group and CEO group in the Puget Sound, in addition to his role of Best Practice Chair in the Pacific Northwest.

Membership in Vistage groups is on an invitation-only basis. New member selection occurs only when there is an opening in a group, which is limited to 16 members.

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