In order to lead your life, you gotta shake loose...

One of the keys to being the leader of your life is shaking loose of some larger cultural ideas that limit creativity, freedom and the ability to generate the future you want. thrive-book-cover-21Mike Cook at Vitalwork, delves deeply into some of these larger cultural constraints in his book, 'Thrive: Standing On Your Own Two Feet in a Borderless World." In particular, he points out a key issue that when left unexamined, limits our ability to lead our lives.

The issue is an attitude of "entitlement" that developed in employer-employee relationships during the industrialThe king era and is now rapidly being displaced. In Mike's description, entitlement means “I deserve this job, and to be taken care of by my employer.” On a broader level it connects to expectations about "what I should receive" as a result of position, hard work, loyalty, birth rite, etc. To us, this shift is at the heart of the fear that dominates our lives and airwaves in the USA. Whether from loss of a job, sharply reduced financial reserves, loss of perceived political power, or safety from foreign threats, the sense of “I have a right to this” is being significantly threatened.  

This is a difficult and complex cultural shift.  As an antidote, try using Mike's "Engagement Model" - specifically, "be engaged,” with what you want to get done in your lifetime. To engage is to choose to involve yourself in, or commit yourself to something, as opposed to remaining aloof or indifferent. Here are some of the steps:

Practice being present to the way things are and the way they are not, while leaving your opinions and judgments about it aside. (This relates to one of 2130's key Operating Principles -  'Nothing is wrong or broken here.")

Give up trying to fit yourself into what the world seems to want or value at any trendy moment. Start pulling out the authentic you that you have always dreamt of being and start designing yourself from that goal or "Yonder Star." people-around-computer

You may find it useful to connect with a really good friend. We would define that as one who listens powerfully and tells you the truth versus what you want to hear. You could also go to a coach or a group consisting of folks on a similar path.  It is often much more transformative to hear your thoughts out loud and as they are said back to you from another, truly supportive person's perspective.

To play in "Reality 2.0: The New Rules," let go, reinvent yourself, and get on with your life!  Trust David Whyte's  observation that "the soul would rather fail at its own life than succeed at someone else's."