Productive Interactions

The next Productive Interactions I™ workshop has not been scheduled yet. Please email us for more information.

Our world is changing in previously unimagined ways. The pace of change has accelerated and businesses and individuals are facing new and increasingly complex issues.

Are you prepared to manage effectively in the face of uncertainty and unrelenting change? What if you could:

  • Increase your own capacities to “catch and correct” when you have an unproductive mindset, speaking or listening?
  • Reduce the time and effort it takes to get things done with and through others?

This one-day intensive workshop is designed to equip you with a new framework of thinking, speaking and listening that you can implement immediately with the people and projects most important to your work and your success.

Productive Interactions I is the result of more than 20 years working “in the trenches” with business leaders and their teams helping them to identify and solve the real issues they face every day. The most challenging issues are often the ones “in the human dimension” – meaning how to get individuals and teams communicating effectively and efficiently to create results. The skills and capacities you will develop in Productive Interactions will increase your effectiveness and ability to work successfully with others immediately.

Program Information - TBD


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