Client Testimonials
2130 Partners is in the middle of redefining our operating philosophy here at the Anaheim Ducks and the Arena. It's not fluffy stuff, as we first thought, it's real and it's working.
—Tim Ryan, President / CEO, Honda Center and EVP / COO, Anaheim Ducks
The programs and people are extraordinarily effective.... With Vision-Focused Leadership, we grew our company by 50 percent in the last year.
Gregg Whitaker, President, Video Applications, Inc.
We set out with a specific goal. We could triple our revenue this year, so from the financial perspective, we're having fairly dramatic results. From the human dimension, we're adding staff, doing a much better job getting them to understand what we're all about and committing to change.
—Mike Kiley, President, Chamberlain Group
2130 Partners was extremely effective. All sorts of barriers were broken in the realm of communications. We took four teams and four leaders that were very isolated, working in their own universe, not communicating, and created a highly effective leadership team.… 2130 Partners is about growing people, not just growing organizations.
—Lauretta Anderson, VP Investor Relations, CWS Capital Partners
I have worked closely with Dwight since 1994 during my tenure as CEO for two fast growing companies. He has been my coach and mentor as well as team facilitator throughout. Dwight has provided valuable feedback and guidance which has significantly contributed to my development as a leader and complete human being. Dwight played a valuable role in facilitating annual and quarterly strategic planning offsite meetings for my executive team and is uniquely qualified to help CEOs develop and integrate high performing teams. It would be impossible to measure his contribution to our company which during the time he worked with us has grown dramatically from $1M to $52M.
—Eric J. Boden, President/CEO, HireRight, Inc.
A very successful business person once told me that even great athletes have coaches. That inspired me to seek out business coaching. It's allowed me to become more focused on issues relevant to the success of my business, while improving my overall quality of life by making me a more well-rounded individual.
Ian Crockett, President, Orange Label Art + Advertising
Their power and magic is in catalyzing and expediting transformation, and facilitating the creation of a shared vision that is waiting to happen.
Fred Ouweleen, President, PacMin
2130 Partners has helped my partner and I discover what we really want. Those discoveries have resulted in more strategic thinking that has led to changes in our actions, which have created more success in our business and satisfaction in our lives.
Michael M. Rue, President, Marketplace Properties
Achieving our ultimate potential requires insight and inquiry that can only be accessed with a brilliant and compassionate partner. 2130's staff of seasoned coaching professionals facilitate individual development giving us access to a richer and more rewarding life, beyond what we could have imagined alone.
Lisa Gallagher, Vice President, Operations, HireRight
One of the barriers to extraordinary performance is personal "blind spots." The value of rigorous coaching is I see and understand my blind spots. This has unleashed creativity and leadership. Coaching also has helped me to appreciate and value different perspectives. This has strengthened my relationship with clients, team members and most importantly my business partner.
Wes Phillips, CEO, Orange Label Art + Advertising