suzanne and dwight frindt

Mastering Your Leadership


Are you tired of training courses and coaching programs that promise you results that fit into someone else's perception and narrative about success? We're looking for leaders who are ready to embrace the messiness of leadership and of life and are ready to work on developing their own unique expression and leadership mindset.



Whether working one-on-one or or in a group setting, we focus your attention on uncovering your authentic "yonder star" rather than fixing something that is broken or helping you "get better." We work with you on the discipline of shifting your mindset, (including your self-concept and worldview), to a place of powerful leadership, whether you are dealing with a problem or an opportunity. We partner with you in keeping your focus on your intended outcomes. 


You will become a leader who is comfortable in your own skin and able to honor others in theirs. You will move past glib answers and solutions to being comfortable with ambiguity and delight in addressing the roadblocks and potholes on your road to mastering your leadership mindset.


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Pacific Northwest Office
Kirkland, WA

Southern California Office
Capistrano Beach, CA