Vistage Announces Selection of Dwight Frindt as Best Practice Chair

(April 29, 2009) Veteran Chair Dwight Frindt has been named Best Practice Chair for South Orange County. Dwight will succeed Bill Oyler, who had been BPC of that region for almost eight years. Bill will continue as BPC for North Orange County, Sacramento/Reno and the San Francisco Bay area. "Bill is so loved and respected by the OC Chairs that the only way they would accept his departure was with an equally stellar veteran Chair, and that is Dwight.," Mary Allan, Senior Vice President for the Western Division, said.

A Chair since 1994, Dwight has facilitated two CEO groups and one Key group. He has been the recipient of the Vistage annual Chair Excellence Award 11 times and is consistently ranked as one of the Top 20 Chairs. In 2007 he received the Master Chair award. In addition to Chairing his CEO and Key groups, Dwight is active in leadership development through his company, 2130 Partners.  For 25 years he has been involved in the Hunger Project and has traveled extensively in support of this mission.

"Dwight is an outstanding leader and has been a highly respected Chair in the community," Mary Allan said. "I'm thrilled that Dwight has agreed to accept the role of BPC and make a difference in the lives of our Orange County Chairs - he is a great addition to the ranks of our Best Practice Chairs."