About 2130 Partners

Dwight and Suzanne Frindt

Dwight and Suzanne Frindt

2130 Partners™ is a leadership development and education firm co-founded by Dwight and Suzanne Frindt. The name and core philosophy are derived from the Native American belief (often attributed to the Iroquois Confederacy), that leaders are accountable for the impact of their decisions on each of the next seven generations. The firm was established in 1990. Seven generations from that year is the year 2130 which is why our name is 2130 Partners™. This was the beginning of our commitment to working from a long term, vision-focused perspective in all of our work.

By early 2000, the Principals of 2130 were interacting with an average of 100 clients per month, either as representatives of 2130 Partners or as Group Chairs (facilitators) for Vistage International. This breadth of experience allowed them to develop a deep understanding of the common issues facing leaders of small to medium-sized businesses.

In 2010, Dwight and Suzanne launched their book, "Accelerate: High Leverage Leadership for Today's World," which encapsulates a large portion of their learning over the last 20 years. The intent of the book is to challenge the current unsustainable leadership paradigm and provide new methodologies for building the leadership capacities that will be required in our rapidly evolving, borderless world where innovation, shared vision and high levels of collaboration are essential for success.

Dwight and Suzanne continued to increase the global reach and impact of 2130 Partners' work in diverse locations from Abu Dhabi to Peru and have developed constituencies from Middle Eastern business women to Chinese University students and indigenous leaders across Latin America.

In addition to their extensive work in the business community, 2130 Partners team members also maintain ongoing involvement with The Hunger Project, a strategic, non-profit organization committed to ending hunger worldwide on a sustainable basis. Through their continued participation, they are constantly learning new approaches to creating vision, calling forth leadership and commitment, developing bold strategies, and causing actions to achieve significant and surprising results. In 2017, Suzanne became the CEO of The Hunger Project and is not currently leading programs for 2130 Partners.