Frequently Asked Questions

Who is 2130 Partners?

Frequently Asked Questions

2130 Partners is a leadership development and education firm training leaders to create focus, alignment and collaboration around a sustainable shared vision.

Our core belief is the only sustainable business strategies engage the heart and soul and are simultaneously grounded in sound business practices.

Our custom-designed individual and team programs recognize a company’s unique culture and business development level. We meet our clients where they are today, and facilitate their momentum toward their vision of tomorrow. 

What does the “2130” stand for in your name? Is it your address?

The number 2130 in our name is a significant symbol for us. Since the company was founded in 1990, the year 2130 was selected as approximately 7 generations from the founding date. Why 7 generations? There is a notion, often attributed to the Iroquois Confederacy, that leaders are accountable for the effects and impacts of their decisions on the next 7 generations. We find this idea of the “ripple effect,” or legacy of leadership and the responsibility that comes with it very important. It is something we discuss frequently with our executive clients.

What is 2130 Partners’ view of leadership development?

We firmly believe the growth edge successful leaders must explore and master to improve their performance and maintain the competitiveness of their organizations lies in the human dimension - the world beyond the traditional focus on physical and financial resources. In our experience, working in this realm is the most significant opportunity for productivity gains in our economy today. In particular, we believe the biggest opportunity lies not just in “getting the right people on the bus,” but in maximizing the collaborative capacities of those “right people.” This involves the following fundamentals:

  • Vision-Focused Leadership™ - our core methodology for creating a higher purpose or vision for an organization

  • Catalytic Initiatives™ – taking the vision and creating right actions to fulfill and sustain it
  • Operating Principles – the fundamentals for creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and safety
  • Productive Interactions™ – building skills and competencies to productively fulfill vision
  • Leadership Choice Point™ - bringing the power of presence and choice to leadership

Is 2130 Partners right for you or your firm?

We regularly interact with hundreds of leaders in more than 50 organizations in a wide variety of industries. As a result, we are able to constantly evolve our work to incorporate leading edge thinking and sound business practices. We have been in business since 1990 and many of our clients have been with us for more than a decade.

We work with individuals and organizations that are willing to make big commitments, engage in rigorous work, face tough issues, and recognize that real, meaningful transitions are not a “weekend wonder” but an extended process.

Our most successful clients spend at least three to four years developing dramatic and sustainable change in their organizations and lives. They may or may not use 2130 Partners for the entire duration, but they regularly invest in themselves during an extended time frame to insure results.

What kind of companies or organizations benefit from working with 2130 Partners?

Based on our experience with clients over the last 17 years, we can confidently say it is not the industry or type of organization that determines whether or not working with 2130 Partners will be successful. Our techniques have also been successful for boards and staff of non-profit institutions, religious organizations, and trade associations. It is the values and characteristics of the organization that predict success. With that in mind, we find clients will be most successful in working with 2130 Partners if they have the following characteristics:

  • Open and interested in learning
  • Committed to sustainable growth and change – both on an organizational and individual level
  • Willingness to continually examine beliefs and strategies
  • Believe employees are the biggest assets
  • Believe effective communication is critical
  • Understand flexibility and agility are essential
  • spire to have high performance, partnership-based teams

When is 2130 Partners’ work most successful?

2130 Partners’ methodologies are most successful when support comes from Chief Executives, Partners, Principals and their senior leadership teams to sustain the commitment, focus, and effort required to produce desired outcomes.

  • Our clients succeed when they are committed to:
  • Rigorous examination of their organizations and themselves.
  • Becoming clear about their current circumstances and the issues they face.
  • Designing bold actions and working hard.
  • Conducting periodic updates to renew alignment and refresh enthusiasm.
  • Staying with it over an extended period of time.

What is the value of working with 2130 Partners?

Working with 2130 Partners you will:

  • Develop increased leadership skills and capacities.
  • Learn to have more productive interactions with the team.
  • Become comfortable engaging others in challenging, difficult conversations that lead to new levels of results.
  • Learn to develop a vision that is shared by all members of the team.
  • Learn to work from this vision and return to it quickly if challenges pull the team off course.
  • Learn to correlate your actions and those of team members with the shared vision.
  • Develop new levels of comfort with bold goals and actions.
  • Make regular review and renewal a part of your way of working and living.

How can I tell if my company needs help?

  • Vision or strategy is unclear or controversial
  • Flat growth
  • Cooperation is low or absent
  • Deadlines are regularly missed or not even set
  • Blame is rampant
  • Competition between individuals or departments is internally directed
  • Market threats exist
  • Organizational consolidation is imminent or has already happened

How do I determine the kinds of programs I need?

We work with clients to conduct comprehensive self and/or organizational assessments and based on what is revealed, we will mutually design the programs based on sense of urgency, budget, and ability to allocate team time away from day-to-day accountabilities.

Recommendations may include any combination of individual and team programs, workshops and retreats.

What are 2130 Partners’ fees?

Following an initial consultation, a quote will be prepared based on the selected services. For projects that are in a design phase or not yet formalized we usually work for a daily rate. When the scope of a project is defined and formalized, we generally work on a fixed fee basis.

Please contact us for more details. 

Do I have to enter into a long-term contract?

No. After our introductory conversations, which have no fee, our initial interactions will probably be on a daily rate basis to jointly develop the scope of work necessary to achieve a client’s objectives. Once the intended scope is clear, we will jointly set a length of engagement.

In any case, we will have a mutual right to end the engagement at will with a 30-day notice from either party.

The perspective we recommend as a starting point is that real and sustainable transitions take time, and the more people involved the longer it takes. One-to-one work is generally for a year to eighteen months minimum. Organizational strategic interventions are typically on an annual cycle and it can take up to three or four years to accomplish dramatic and sustainable results.