Dwight Frindt Awarded the 2016 Cope Award by Vistage International

This announcement was written by Vistage International:

Vistage 2016 Cope Award

Each year the Don Cope Award is presented to an individual who has made one of the greatest, lasting contributions to the Vistage mission and values. The award symbolizes service, selflessness, and commitment.

Our 2016 Cope Award winner Dwight Frindt, embodies each of these qualities. He coaches, listens, mentors, and facilitates from the premise: “How can I make others better, by first bettering myself?”

Dwight began his journey with Vistage in May of 1994, and his passion, dedication, and enthusiasm have never wavered. He is a repeated winner of Master Chair and Chair Excellence awards, is current BPC for three regions in three states, is Chair of a CE group and a Key group; and somehow still finds time for philanthropy. (Investing 25% of his net worth in the Hunger Project, a nonprofit he first joined as a volunteer 40 years ago.)

Dwight strives to help each and every member of the Vistage community be full participant in their own life, unleashing their authentic potential; so they may in turn have that impact on their own team.

Dwight Frindt and his family

We reached out to Dwight’s members, for perspective on the impact he has had on their lives. One of his members said, “He truly knows how to help. Most importantly, he helps you learn how to help yourself.”

Could a sentiment more precisely embody the essence of the Don Cope Award?

Trust. Caring. Challenge. And growth. That is what Don Cope stood for. He is remembered for freely helping those in need, and freely giving of his time and energy. Dwight Frindt, stands with him.

Congratulations to Dwight Frindt, the 2016 Cope Award Winner!

Suzanne Frindt Appeared on Conscious Discussions Radio Show

Suzanne Frindt appeared on the Conscious Discussions Radio Show hosted by Lillian Brummet on October 2nd, 2012. You can listen to the show at this link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/consciousdiscussions/2012/10/02/be-an-agent-for-positive-change or you can listen using the player below

Listen to internet radio with Lillian Brummet on Blog Talk Radio

Dwight Appeared on Unopened Gifts Radio Show

On January 19th, Dwight appeared on the Real Coaching Radio Network Show, "Unopened Gifts," hosted by Jim McPartland. This show was internet TV/radio. To watch and listen to the show you can watch below or click here



Accelerate: High Leverage Leadership for Today's World Is Here

Debut Book From Suzanne Mayo Frindt and Dwight Frindt Provides a Simple, Elegant and Insightful Approach to Consistently Produce Extraordinary Results


SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA--(Marketwire - November 15, 2010) - Suzanne Mayo Frindt and Dwight Frindt work closely with leaders and executive teams to unleash creativity and effectiveness throughout their organizations. Their practical methodologies reduce the friction and waste in daily conversations and inspire highly productive teams that regularly deliver on bold commitments. Their collaborative leadership practices are not steeped in academia -- they are carefully crafted methodologies based on their years of hands-on experience counseling executives combined with a global business perspective derived from their active involvement with business cultures around the world. The Frindts are co-founders of 2130 Partners (www.2130Partners.com), a leadership development and education firm training leaders to create focus, alignment, and collaboration for a sustainable shared vision. In their debut book, Accelerate: High Leverage Leadership for Today's World, the authors provide a remarkably simple, elegant and insightful approach to consistently producing extraordinary results.

We live in a world of unprecedented and accelerating changes in our lives and work. Now, at a time when previous business models and assumptions are being turned on their heads, individual livelihoods and whole firms are disappearing or springing up newly on a regular basis. Successful businesses are transforming themselves and finding ways to prosper in the evolving new realities. The leadership required for these firms is radically agile, proactive, and creative. Success will accrue to those who learn to tap the creativity and productivity gains available through being aware and effective in the human, collaborative dimension, while laggards will suffer in the face of the unrelenting change.

Accelerate is a match for the challenging times in which we live, where leaders are facing problems and issues that are complex beyond any previous era. The authors provide readers with deceptively simple access to meaningful transformation in their work and lives. Unlike other leadership books, Accelerate starts with whom to BE rather than what to DO to produce effective leadership. You will find proven principles and practices to expand your leadership capacities for productive thought and interaction, to create a culture of self-generated accountability, and to turn friction and waste into real productivity gains.

Always with a keen eye on the future, the authors have just returned from several weeks in China, now eclipsing Japan as the second largest economy in the world. There they participated in The World Academy for the Future of Women, and in the Fourth Annual Women's Symposium at Sias International University (www.sias.edu.cn/en). Suzanne Mayo Frindt created curriculum, both served as instructors for the Academy, and Dwight Frindt delivered a keynote speech at the Symposium.

Sias University is the first solely owned American university in Central China. It develops well-rounded trans-national professionals by combining Chinese and Western educational philosophies, providing students with a broad based learning perspective and alternative ways of thinking about their lives, careers, and leadership aspirations.

About Suzanne Mayo Frindt and Dwight Frindt The Frindts are co-founders of 2130 Partners, a leadership development and education firm founded in 1990. 2130 Partners is dedicated to facilitating executive leadership potential through Vision-Focused Leadership™, a methodology grounded in shared vision and built through collaboration.

They are often called upon to give keynotes and lead programs in such diverse locations as Bismarck, North Dakota and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. In addition to their extensive business leadership experience and educational credentials, they credit their 30 plus years as investors in, and activists for, The Hunger Project (http://www.thp.org) for its profound influence on their work and lives. They have traveled throughout Africa, India, Bangladesh and Latin America to support the organization's goals in mobilizing local people to create lasting society-wide progress in health, education, nutrition, family incomes and the empowerment of women.

Events 2130 Partners will hold public workshops and book signing events:

November 2010 19 -- Seattle, Wash.

December 2010 3 -- Orange County, Calif.

February 2011 2 -- Los Angeles, Calif.

For event information, please go to: www.2130partners.com/whats-new.

About 2130 Partners 2130 Partners is celebrating its 20th year of facilitating executive leadership potential. The name 2130 Partners and the firm's core philosophy are derived from the Native American principle that leaders are accountable in their decision making for their impact on each of the next seven generations. Seven generations from its founding in 1990, or 140 years, is year 2130. Clients and 2130 Partners are asked to consider what input we might get from the people who will be alive in the year 2130 about how we spend our lives, the decisions we make and the focus of our leadership. The firm serves clients around the world, with offices in Orange County, Calif. and Seattle, Wash. Visit www.2130partners.com.

Accelerate: High Leverage Leadership for Today's World ISBN: 143926664, available at www.2130partners.com/accelerate-the-book or amazon.com Authors: Suzanne Mayo Frindt and Dwight Frindt Published in 2010

For more information about Accelerate: High Leverage Leadership for Today's World, please visit www.2130partners.com/accelerate-the-book or contact: Kathleen Janson, (949) 654-2512


Dwight and Suzanne Frindt Featured in Lighthouse Consulting Article

The work of 2130 Partners is featured in this article by Dana Borowka of Lighthouse Consulting. Recently, we have had a number of conversations with CEOs and key executives regarding what they are planning for their businesses for 2011. We have found two categories of individuals. Those that have a vision through listening to others in the market place, reaching out for support, gathering industry data, looking for trends and opportunities. The other group is totally focused on overhead reduction, darting around and focusing on the bad news in the world, taxes, health bills, and any information that they can grab onto to help justify why they are so scared.


Here is the Question for the Day

Which category do you fit into? Your answer will determine how your company is doing today and will be doing in the future. Those that think they know everything are closing themselves off from amazing opportunities.

Certainly all companies need to be constantly looking at overhead and keeping up with the news. However, when the focus is fear driven then our thoughts begin to justify our fears. That wastes time as it creates the continual loop of fear, depression, anxiety, etc.

The group that is forward thinking has a completely different outlook on life. That’s not to say that they don’t have concerns but rather they are using this time to plan ahead, remain clear headed and open to ideas. That is the key – to be still enough in order to listen. Then act on what we are seeing as immediate and future potential for new products and services, improvement in retention of current business as well as ideas for gaining additional market share.

Your focus will tell you immediately where you stand! First, we will explore leadership and how to deal with the fear. Then we’ll share what a group of business owners did that has separated them from many other companies.

How to Become a Vision-Focused Leader

The answer is leadership. It is time to become a vision-focused leader around whom issues can be raised and resolved productively. That’s the view of Suzanne and Dwight Frindt, the founders of 2130 Partners, a leadership development and education firm that facilitates focused vision, inspired teams, and sustained commitment for its clients and co-authors of Accelerate: High Leverage Leadership for Today’s World.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your conversations with your team generating the results you want?
  • Does your team successfully raise and resolve issues relevant to business success?
  • Can you identify and deal with emotional upsets, in both yourself and others?

Exactly what is this leadership that is vision-focused? "We love Warren Bennis’ definition: 'Leadership is the wise use of power. Power is the capacity to translate intention into reality and sustain it,'" says Suzanne Frindt. "Our approach is the same whether we are working with individuals or with entire leadership teams. We believe the greatest opportunities are created by the development of people and action in a coordinated direction. We assert that the only sustainable strategies engage the heart and soul and are simultaneously grounded in sound business practices."

Power of Shared Vision

In a 1996 article in the Harvard Business Review entitled "Building Your Company’s Vision," Jim Collins and Jerry Porras said that companies that enjoy enduring success have a core purpose and core values that remain fixed while their strategies and practices endlessly adapt to a changing world. The rare ability to balance continuity and change—requiring a consciously practiced discipline—is closely linked to the ability to develop a vision.

"Without a vision, what is the point?" says Suzanne Frindt. "A Yonder Star unleashes the energy to galvanize yourself and your employees so you can achieve phenomenal things."

When group members share a vision, it creates an opportunity for totally different conversations between a manager and members of their team. Focus on the shared vision creates alignment and provides a powerful context for creating mission, strategic initiatives, objectives, goals, roles, and finally all the way down through action plans.

Being a manager means making choices. At any moment in time you have a decision to make. Suzanne urges that when it comes time to make a decision being present in the moment, not on automatic pilot, is essential to the quality and relevance of the decision. You can then make the choice based on your Yonder Star, your shared vision of something to which you aspire, versus more of the same or your fear of some worst-case scenario.

"Worries are about envisioning a worst-case scenario, what you fear most," says Suzanne Frindt. "Whatever we envision is affecting us right now. What we envision impacts us in this moment. There are consequences for managing based on fears that you may not want. Your Yonder Star is the shared vision you aspire to. The star is what you envision, and what you envision shapes both the present moment and the quality of your choices about your actions."

Something else she recommends avoiding is being past-focused. This is when you make decisions based solely on what you have done in the past. Instead of having an inspiring vision for your team, all you are working for with a past based focus is attempting to minimize perceived risk and making incremental improvements.

"Many companies are past-focused when they do strategic planning," says Suzanne Frindt. "What did the company do last year and then let’s add 10 percent or 20 percent. We are all tempted to try hard to make yesterday look like today. Or if we didn’t like yesterday, then we try to make it different or better."

She adds that only by having a vision, a Yonder Star, can teams create breakthroughs to unprecedented results. Equally important is that it is a shared vision, one that is based on shared values and shared operating principles. This is how you create an environment for real collaboration.

Overcoming Emotional Barriers

 "The ability to identify and clear upsets, in myself and others, is the single most significant key to productivity gains in our economy today," says Dwight Frindt. "We have asked our executive-leadership clients a simple question: 'What time could you go home if everyone in the company simply came to work, did their jobs, and went home?' The answer used to surprise us until it kept being repeated. On average, our clients say, ‘Between 10:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.'"

That begs a second question. If so many executives claim they could go home before lunch if everyone just showed up and did their work, what’s taking so much of our leaders' time? The Frindts' clients tell them flat out: distress, commonly known as upsets. The most time-consuming part of their job is managing the distressed interactions within their teams so that those teams can actually get to the business at hand.

"Even if executives will never be able to consistently leave by noon, it is entirely reasonable for them to expect to save at least two hours of their time, every day. Alternatively they could increase their productivity 15–30%" says Dwight Frindt.

That’s nearly 500 extra hours a year leaders can devote to creative thinking, visioning, and strategizing rather than on repairing relationships and soothing bruised egos. At the opportunity cost of most executives’ time, that amounts to very substantial savings. Of course, the same can be said for everyone in the organization. An inordinate amount of productive time and payroll dollars and worse yet, opportunities, are lost daily, monthly and annually to the distraction caused by unresolved emotional distress.

Replacing that time, energy, and resource loss is of paramount importance. Doing so can create a culture that is both highly productive and emotionally resilient and rewarding. It requires a fundamental, transformative shift in two steps: 1) fewer emotionally driven issues in the workplace; and 2) leaders and their team members becoming self-sufficient in handling emotional distress issues when they occur.

"Let’s clarify what we mean by emotional distress," says Dwight Frindt. "We’re using the term to summarize a wide range of reactions that temporarily disable people with regard to thoughtful and productive behavior. These reactions can vary from mild frustration to full-blown anger, and include embarrassment, sadness, impatience, agitation, worry, and fear. In each case the person is left in a condition where, whether realized or not, they are acting as if their very survival is threatened."

The Causes of Emotional Distress

The Frindts' studies and their clients' experiences make it clear that the most common root causes of workplace emotional distress are 1) the perception that a promise has been broken (usually by leadership); 2) when positive intentions "fail"; and 3) when commitments seem thwarted. In addition to these three internal triggers, there are many times when personal distress is brought to the workplace from the rest of the person’s life. These other sources can be especially difficult to address, due to varying perspectives on what constitutes personal-professional boundaries.

The impact on the productivity and organizational effectiveness of people attempting to work while "stressed out" (or surrounded by others who are) is enormous. Yet it’s been the Frindts’ observation that most leaders overlook this as the place to start any efforts in business improvement. Most are far more comfortable with cost cutting, process development, process improvement, reorganizing, or some other business change that does not directly address the human dimension.

Long Term Vision & Working the Plan

Back in 2006/2007, a group of business owners saw the writing on the wall regarding the long term economic change. While some people thumbed their noses at the possibility and buried their heads in the sand… purely out of fear. The forward looking group sought feedback from others who had been through similar business cycles and discovered the following ideas:

  • Create your vision: The goal is to have a long range vision for your company.
  • Think outside your box: What else can you provide? What other opportunities can you look at? What are some other possibilities that will help others to fulfill their vision?
  • What is needed: Listen to the market place and offer valuable services.
  • Know your numbers: Where are you and where are you going?
  • Work the plan: Develop measurable marketing, sales, financial, internal operations plans then execute and don’t wait. This avoids waste and preserves valuable resources. Through proper planning the dollars can be used to gain market share while other organizations could be financially drained and in a constant state of fear! The forward business group took a three year outlook and developed various action plans and worked the plan.
  • Be on the lookout for top "A" and "B" players for hiring top people who have vision.
  • Team vision: Have clear goals and objectives for all staff members.
  • For new hires at all levels do the most thorough interviewing based on 30-60-90-180-12 month goals.
  • Do in-depth work style and personality assessment testing to get a clear picture of who you are about to bring aboard to best manage the individuals so they can be successful.
  • Maintain a collaborative team environment where everyone can provide input to create internal efficiencies, all are listening to customer and market needs, and respond in a timely way so your company is always engaged as the business environment has needs.

This is the time to be moving forward by offering fresh ideas, solutions, and support that will add value to all those you come in contact with and in return your business will thrive!

To find out more about these topics you can read our book, Cracking The Personality Code by visiting www.lighthouseconsulting.com. Or if you’d like to find out about the various workshops we provide to help your organization lead into the future visits www.crackingthepersonalitycode.com. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

We offer monthly Open Line web conferences on topics ranging from creating a collaborative environment, how to offer incentives to staff during challenging time, and how to turn fear into strength. We will be having a global futurist as a guest – so please join us. Visit www.lighthouseconsulting.com for a list of our programs.

Permission is needed from Lighthouse Consulting Services to reproduce any portion provided in this article. © 2010

If you would like additional information on this topic or others, please contact your Human Resources department or Lighthouse Consulting Services LLC, 3130 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 550, Santa Monica, CA  90403 & our website: www.lighthouseconsulting.com

Lighthouse Consulting Services, LLC provides a variety of services, including in-depth work style assessments for new hires & staff development, team building, interpersonal & communication training, career guidance & transition, conflict management, workshops, and executive & employee coaching.  To order the book, "Cracking the Personality Code" please go to www.crackingthepersonalitycode.com

Dwight and Suzanne Frindt Empower New Generation of Women Leaders in China

Dwight Frindt keynote address at Annual Women's Symposium in China(July, 2010) Dwight and Suzanne Frindt developed curriculum and then taught at The World Academy for the Future of Women part of SIAS International University in China. Concurrently, they were part of the 4th Annual Women's Symposium which was held at SIAS while they were there. Dwight Frindt gave a key note address to almost 5,000 attendees and both Dwight and Suzanne led multiple breakout groups. To get more information please open the .pdf of the complete article. [Download] .pdf

Suzanne Frindt and students from The World Academy for the Future of Women in China

Dwight and Suzanne Frindt Appear on Healthy You! Radio

(September 2, 2009) Dwight and Suzanne Frindt appeared on Healthy You! Radio, 1150AM, KKNW, alternative talk radio in Seattle. Host Keesha Ewers interviewed them about their program, "Productive Interactions," as a way to help people build capacities for healthy, productive interactions for healthy relationships. To hear the show click the "read the full article" link below. To stream the audio archive click the player below. To download an .mp3 follow the download instructions below. Player

Download this show -

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2. Select a location on your computer and save the file. Note that the MP3 files are quite large and may take a long time to download, especially with a slow connection.

Vistage Announces Selection of Dwight Frindt as Best Practice Chair

(April 29, 2009) Veteran Chair Dwight Frindt has been named Best Practice Chair for South Orange County. Dwight will succeed Bill Oyler, who had been BPC of that region for almost eight years. Bill will continue as BPC for North Orange County, Sacramento/Reno and the San Francisco Bay area. "Bill is so loved and respected by the OC Chairs that the only way they would accept his departure was with an equally stellar veteran Chair, and that is Dwight.," Mary Allan, Senior Vice President for the Western Division, said.

A Chair since 1994, Dwight has facilitated two CEO groups and one Key group. He has been the recipient of the Vistage annual Chair Excellence Award 11 times and is consistently ranked as one of the Top 20 Chairs. In 2007 he received the Master Chair award. In addition to Chairing his CEO and Key groups, Dwight is active in leadership development through his company, 2130 Partners.  For 25 years he has been involved in the Hunger Project and has traveled extensively in support of this mission.

"Dwight is an outstanding leader and has been a highly respected Chair in the community," Mary Allan said. "I'm thrilled that Dwight has agreed to accept the role of BPC and make a difference in the lives of our Orange County Chairs - he is a great addition to the ranks of our Best Practice Chairs."

Dwight and Suzanne Frindt Are Featured Contributors in New Book

(February, 2009) Dwight and Suzanne Frindt are featured contributors in the newly published "Cracking the Personality Code" by Dana and Ellen Borowka of Lighthouse Consulting. Chapter 9, "From Managing to Leading, How to Become a Vision-Focused Leader," is based on the work of 2130 Partners. To learn more about the "Cracking the Personality Code" book... click here.

Dwight Frindt Appears In The Seattle Times

(July 8, 2008) Dwight Frindt appeared in the The Seattle Times featured in their “My First Job” profile. The article shares the story of how he became interested in leadership development in his very first job. To find out more click "read the full article." From there you can access a .pdf of the article [Download]. pdf

Suzanne Frindt Appears on Amazing Women, Beauty, Brains and Style

(March, 2008) Suzanne Frindt appeared on the “Amazing Women…Beauty, Brains and Style” online radio show with Dr. Marlene Siersema. Suzanne discussed a range of topics from the founding of 2130 Partners, to her work with the non-profit The Hunger Project. Click "read the full article" below and you can download the .MP3 file of this interview. To listen to the show click the arrow audio

Download this show –

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2. Select a location on your computer and save the file. Note that the MP3 files are quite large and may take a long time to download, especially with a slow connection.

2130 Partners Launches Productive Interactions II

(September, 2007) 2130 Partners launches latest course for public enrollment – Productive Interactions II – Moving Towards Mastery. This program builds on their highly successful Productive Interactions I program. For more information please click on "read the full article" to access a downloadable .pdf of the article. [Download] .pdf

Suzanne Frindt Appears on I'm There For You Baby-The Entrepreneur's Guide to the Galaxy

(July, 2007) Suzanne Frindt made an appearance on "I'm There for You Baby - The Entrepreneur's Guide to the Galaxy" - The Premier Radio Show and Podcast for Technology Entrepreneurs. Around the globe, women executives and entrepreneurs face challenges in balancing career and family, but according to leadership expert Suzanne Frindt, Middle Eastern women also struggle with unique traditions. To listen to the show click the arrow audio

Download this show –

To download an MP3 file, follow these instructions:

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