Dwight Frindt Awarded the 2016 Cope Award by Vistage International

This announcement was written by Vistage International:

Vistage 2016 Cope Award

Each year the Don Cope Award is presented to an individual who has made one of the greatest, lasting contributions to the Vistage mission and values. The award symbolizes service, selflessness, and commitment.

Our 2016 Cope Award winner Dwight Frindt, embodies each of these qualities. He coaches, listens, mentors, and facilitates from the premise: “How can I make others better, by first bettering myself?”

Dwight began his journey with Vistage in May of 1994, and his passion, dedication, and enthusiasm have never wavered. He is a repeated winner of Master Chair and Chair Excellence awards, is current BPC for three regions in three states, is Chair of a CE group and a Key group; and somehow still finds time for philanthropy. (Investing 25% of his net worth in the Hunger Project, a nonprofit he first joined as a volunteer 40 years ago.)

Dwight strives to help each and every member of the Vistage community be full participant in their own life, unleashing their authentic potential; so they may in turn have that impact on their own team.

Dwight Frindt and his family

We reached out to Dwight’s members, for perspective on the impact he has had on their lives. One of his members said, “He truly knows how to help. Most importantly, he helps you learn how to help yourself.”

Could a sentiment more precisely embody the essence of the Don Cope Award?

Trust. Caring. Challenge. And growth. That is what Don Cope stood for. He is remembered for freely helping those in need, and freely giving of his time and energy. Dwight Frindt, stands with him.

Congratulations to Dwight Frindt, the 2016 Cope Award Winner!