Welcome to Lead Your Business, Lead Your Life

Hello! And welcome to the launch of 2130 Partners' "Lead Your Business, Lead Your Life" blog. We have heard from so many clients, colleagues, family members and friends about how challenging life is these days we felt it was time to extend a hand at a different level and pass along what we have learned about leadership and developing leadership skills in your life. One of the first pieces we want to talk about is the notion of "leaders and leadership." We often hear people say something that boils down to "leaders are people with certain titles and leadership comes from those with titles." We don't agree with this. In fact, particularly in these difficult times, we believe everyone has the possibility to be a leader in whatever role they have, in their business and in their life. We believe that developing the qualities of leadership is fundamentally empowering for everyone. So that's what this blog is going to be about.

We look forward to your participation, your feedback and your ideas. And we ask - where would you like to be a leader today?