Shift Happens...

Margaret Wheatley, author of Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World, and co-founder of  The Berkana Institute, gave a talk in Seattle last year. To paraphrase her opening remarks, she said, "are you stressed out? Are you overwhelmed? Are you unsure what to do next? Join the club." She spoke about her work around the world with top people at the top of their fields. Her bottomline? Everyone is stressed and uncertain AND she gave this talk before the financial crisis and the havoc that has hit our economy. So what's going on? There's more than just the crises that are making the daily headlines. Take a look at this.

The last thought in this video is, "what does it all mean?"

The answer is there is a shift happening in our cultural paradigm that is even deeper and more profound than a particular political or economic crisis. These crises are most likely symptoms of the deeper layers of change that are currently in motion. 

Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting the work of people who are helping to create a new, positive social paradigm. We will also offer up some ideas for how you can navigate this difficult time with more ease.