Dwight Frindt

Dwight is a co-founder and Principal of 2130 Partners. His passion for leadership development has been driven by questions like, “What unleashes individual motivation in an organization? What gets team members focused, collaborating, and acting effectively for a shared purpose? What keeps organizations productive and agile?” These questions have also driven his personal growth as a business leader, and the core philosophy of 2130 Partners. Dwight draws on his extensive facilitation and trusted advisor experience, along with decades of operational management and executive accountabilities, as he works with top leaders. In addition, for 40 years he has been an investor and activist with The Hunger Project, a global strategic organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. With this diverse background, Dwight blends his learning from the worlds of business and global nonprofit into the unique paradigm shifting individual and team development work offered by 2130 Partners. Dwight has facilitated groups of CEOs and senior executives for nearly two decades as a Group Chair for Vistage International, Inc., the world’s leading CEO membership organization. He has been the recipient of the Vistage Annual Chair Excellence Award 15 times, has received the Master Chair Award 3 times, and now serves as a Vistage Best Practice Chair for Orange County, The Pacific Northwest, and the Puget Sound areas. In February of 2017 Dwight was given the Cope Award by Vistage. As they describe it, "Each year the Don Cope Award is presented to an individual who has made one of the greatest, lasting contributions to the Vistage mission and values. The award symbolizes service, selflessness, and commitment." In May of 2017 Dwight took on 2 new Seattle area groups - a Key Group and a CEO group.

Prior to founding 2130 Partners and working with Vistage, Dwight held executive positions in mining, heavy construction, nuclear plant construction management, real estate acquisition and investment management. He earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.A. in Geology from Northwestern University. As an expression of his continuing commitment to expand the dimensions of his work on behalf of his clients’ growth and development, Dwight became an ordained interfaith minister.

dwight frindt