Thanksgiving and Thank You

Thank YouThis week on Thursday the US will celebrate Thanksgiving. We are getting close to the end of the year and many have already begun to reflect on all that has happened. It’s been an extraordinary year on many levels -- politically and financially our country has gone through a lot of change. Many people have also gone through a lot personally in areas including their finances, employment and home ownership. As we come to Thanksgiving, and look back on this extraordinary year, we at 2130 Partners want to say “thank you” and express our gratitude. First to our team, that we fondly call “the collaborative.” We are grateful to have amazing, talented, and committed people to work with, collaborate with and have fun with.

We also feel grateful to all of our clients -- both through Vistage and 2130. We appreciate working with you and getting to do the work we love every day with you.

We also want to thank all of you who read the blog. We especially appreciate the comments, feedback and the dialogue that has occurred. When we started the blog back in February we were hopeful that it could provide a provocative forum and we are grateful for your participation.

We wish you a very happy holiday week! And if you are outside the US, we hope your week is joy-filled as well!