Are You Earning What You Are Worth?

Are you earning what you are worth? This is a question we have all asked ourselves -- perhaps many, many times. The answer shifts because our lives, our careers and work are Close up of payslipdynamic. It's important to re-evaluate your answer to this very personal and very important question on a regular and periodic basis.

But how do you find out the answer? How do you know for sure? A couple of weeks ago we wrote about Marcia Brixey and her Money Wise Women education. One of the women that is often a featured speaker at Marcia's programs is Mikelann Valterra. We want to be sure you know about her too. Mikelann is the Founder of the Women's Earning Institute. Her mission is to empower women to earn what they are really worth.

In Mikelann's blog post of June 3rd, called "The New Face of Underearning-Is It You?" she speaks to underearning using this definition, "the pattern of earning less than YOUR potential." We find her question and definition particularly important and relevant right now, (especially her use of the word "pattern" in the definition). As people are losing their jobs, opening businesses, and looking for new jobs, many are re-evaluating what they should charge for their services or command as a salary. This can be a very difficult and often emotional process of self-reflection.

Mikelann's empowering approach in her work shares the values we have at 2130 Partners. We believe in living your highest potential in every facet of your life. We believe in moving towards your highest vision for yourself and your business. We believe in what we call "green line conversations," meaning conversations that facilitate actions towards your vision. And we believe in people getting the tools and resources bank-roll-check-bookthey need to make their highest visions reality.

One of the most important areas in your life to feel empowered about is money. One of the most important leadership skills you can give yourself is to feel confident with all the facets of the subject of money. And, one of the most important facets of money is how much you earn -- are you earning to your potential?