25 New Dimensions to Challenge Your Thinking

In his article “Moon Shots for Management,” (www.hbr.org, reprint R0902H) Gary Hamel writes eloquently about new dimensions that will be required for leadership as we go forward in what we are calling Reality 2.0. He introduces us to 25 challenges for Building a New Agenda for Management Innovation. These challenges are based on the outcomes of a conference of scholars and business leaders held in May 2008 to lay out a roadmap for reinventing management.

We see these challenges as totally consistent with the theme and conversations to date in this blog and the New Rules discussed last week. Our view, however, is that a critical additional dimension to this project is the shift in mindset that will be required in each of us for these new ideas to be effectively developed and implemented. In fact it is a prerequisite for success.

Ignoring this dimension will most likely result in these opportunities being ignored, resisted, or minimally effective at best. We will be addressing pathways to creating this shift over the coming weeks.

We recommend that you go to http://managementlab.org/future and participate in the survey about these 25 ideas. You will be able to add your voice to the development of the work, rate the progress of your own organization, and identify the most significant barriers you face.

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to challenge your thinking and grow your leadership.