Jo Ann Fjellman

Jo Ann Fjellman focuses on helping teams and groups increase their creativity and productivity through collaboration and innovation. She encourages leadership qualities as a conscious choice for everyone in an organization. This is based on the belief that an individual’s innate creativity, compassion, courage and the collective wisdom of a group can lead towards new models that engage people, create ideas and produce results. Some of her strongest attributes are her keen listening and acute questioning skills that probe for deeper understanding and connection. As a team-development designer and facilitator, Jo Ann is known for her creative and decisive inquiry skills and integral systems knowledge. From facilitating small executive teams, to programs with mid-size business units and several hundred all–hands department groups, Jo Ann has developed and delivered within a wide array of industries for corporate and non-profit organizations in the US and abroad. Her past career positions in sales, marketing and training for both products and services in the wine, publishing and technology industries for 17 years also enhance her corporate business knowledge.

Jo-Ann fjellman